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Bill Duvall Ministries, AKA Self Image Publications, exists for the sole purpose of providing believers worldwide with the Bible Studies necessary to help us become the VICTORIOUS believer that God wants us to be --- and that we want to be!

As you tour the pages of our website, you will find Christian Books on every subject from Sex to the Second Coming --- and everything in between --- FREE and ready to download!

Why? Why would we give away books that sold for $25.00 and Study Guides that sold for $6.99 retail?

Well, do YOU know what the Bible ACTUALLY says about: Pornography, Abortion, Same Sex Marriage, Tribulation, the number 666, The Coming Holocaust, The Second Coming, and the Blood of Christ for our salvation? How about Prosperity? 

Even if you do know, MOST DON’T HAVE A CLUE and are open game for Satan and his hoards.

I have found that most believers don't know how to fight Satan on a daily basis and be victorious --- every time --- and yet, this IS the will of God for every believer (3rd John 2)!

This is why we call our publishing company "Self Image." No, we ARE NOT talking about our flesh! We are talking about the Spiritual Image we want to present to God in Judgment. We want to be FULLY DEVELOPED!

When we stand before Creator God in judgment, we want to hear Him say "Well Done," and to hear this, we need to be grounded in Scriptural truth, not the religious jargon of our day and time!

So, arm yourself for the battle at hand because, believe it or not, we are at war with Satan --- and your victory could be just a book away!

Also, thank you for your tax deductible gifts that allows us to give our material away free to the masses! Since we reset our stats at the end of 2012, we have had 75,457 people visit our site to download our material! A TAX-DEDUCTABLE gift of only $3.00 will reach around the world and only Eternity will tell how many souls were touched by your generosity!

Thanks again for the visit!

Bill and Marilyn Duvall

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Telephone: 501-286-0978
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UNDER CONSTRUCTION (Materials are being added daily)

Our books retailed from $6.99 to $24.99 when they were available through Book Stores and other outlets. Because of the cost to us and then to our customers, we went to eBook format exclusively.These books cover most subjects from Sex to the Second Coming and everything in between.

The Bible Studies are messages I have preached or Seminary Courses I have taught so use them and make them your own!

Tour our pages of books and Bible Studies, pick out what you need, click to open and simply save it on your computer as they are completely FREE!! 

if you want to make a donation to our ministry click on the PayPal link (Bottom Left or Top Right PayPal button) and make your donation! If you don't feel led to give, enjoy the book or books and pray for our ministry!

Be sure and tell your friends about our ministry and enjoy your books and Bible Studies!

It's just THAT simple!


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